Contraceptive fool around with and its determinants off 2016 EDHS study

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February 2, 2023
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February 2, 2023
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Contraceptive fool around with and its determinants off 2016 EDHS study

The new trends on the combination of already utilized progressive strategies expressed guaranteeing improve. The fresh express of your a lot of time-pretending reversible birth control steps instance Norplant/implants certainly intimately productive adolescent lady meaningfully increased of the over six percentage between 2000 to help you 2016. Intrauterine tool (IUD) have fun with failed to boost compared to the implants. Utilization of Implants increased by 6.step 3 %, while only one.1 % increment is actually registered to have IUD in the 2016. Among brief-title strategies, the latest show of shot birth prevention approach was more enhanced from the over twenty-five per cent in the seasons 2000 to 2016. Making use of condoms had rather from.eight in order to 0.1% (Fig. 3).

Features away from intimately active teenage girls out-of EDHS 2016

A maximum of 504 sexually active teenage lady had been believed to have this research. The fresh imply age of the new respondents is age (SD ± 1.124). The fresh mean ages to start with cohabitation and you will first sexual activity was basically age (SD ± 1.734) and you will years (SD ± step one.751) years respectively. Almost half (225, 47.3%) of adolescent people cohabited from the many years 15 years or smaller.

Three-fifth (60.6%) of sexually productive adolescent people had attained top degree and 440 (87.3%) had been rural customers. Since the most (458, 91.0%) regarding investigation victims was indeed hitched, and you can 125 (twenty four.8%) ones was in fact throughout the reduced socioeconomic category. Somewhat over several two-fifth (41.9%) and you may 199 (39.5%) of people have been Muslims and you can Oromo from the their faith and you may ethnicity respectively. More three-fourth (79.7%) from participants were not doing work during brand new questionnaire (Desk step one).

Good sense and understanding of virility and you may birth prevention procedures

Certainly one of intimately productive teenage lady, almost all (98%) of those had understanding of contraception methods. Only 18.step 1, thirteen.4, and you will 4.2 percent from girls reported that they’d heard of FP texts for the radio, spotted on television, and study it from inside the newspaper/mag respectively within the last few months until the survey. More around three-4th (79.9%) regarding women reported that profession experts failed to visit her or him in the past 1 year until the survey. Away from those went along to because of the fieldworkers, merely 9.9% out of fieldworkers chatted about FP. On the other hand, 77 (15.3%) out-of people was basically informed from the FP during their fitness studio check out during the last 1 year (Desk dos).

Circumstances of this birth-control explore certainly intimately active kids

In digital logistic regression, 11 details had a critical experience of adolescent girls’ contraception fool around with. They truly are respondent’s and you can lover’s informative and you can work-related status, current operating updates, riches condition, visited by an area staff member during the last 1 year, informed regarding FP in the a healthcare business, place of home, observed FP messages toward broadcast, and you may saw on tv over the past few months were experienced to own multivariate analysis.

The odds from contraception use had been nearly 96% (AOR 0.044; 95% CI 0.008–0.231) and you will 90% (AOR 0.101; 95%CI 0.024–0.414) more unlikely certainly intimately energetic female teenage that has zero authoritative training and number 1 education respectively versus those who got attained second and higher training. Teenagers during the a wealthy rich background status was about three-moments very likely to play with birth-control steps than simply the equivalents (AOR step three.662; 95% CI 1.353–nine.913). Chances were three-minutes certainly one of respondents that has decided to go to wellness institution and told on FP as compared to men and women not aware regarding FP during their visit (AOR step three.115; 95% CI step one.385–seven.007) (Dining table step 3).


This research indicated that more nine regarding ten teenagers was indeed married. That it displayed the technique of very early ong adolescent ladies. Very early matrimony will comes from the conventional and you will cultural family members values you to definitely justify control over ladies sexuality and you can fertility [30,29,31]. For example practices possess a positive change towards the girls’ degree and coming community . It has additionally a terrible impacts to your monetary development of regions including leading to a serious health exposure each other to a woman, along with her infant . This was because of a lengthy time your lady purchase within the childbirth ages that can cause an increase in fertility and you can society gains. The evidence also showed that from the marriage partnership, the volume regarding sexual intercourse is higher than in those exactly who commonly, which in the lack of contraception discover an increased chances off thickness of pregnancy .

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