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It’s speculated one to King Latifah are romantically in search of ladies

Most other names that Latifah has actually purportedly got romantic connectivity with in the past is Jeanette Jenkins and you may Debbie Allen. The essential difference between both of these and you may Isaacs is the fact they have been both ladies. The latest star’s positioning is simply things that’s been significantly discussed over many years, with several convinced that Latifah is a member of brand new LGBTQ area.

Whether she simply enjoys ladies or perhaps is in search of one gender try not familiar. Yet not, we have witnessed much speak about this lady romantic hobbies ever since she performed on a pride knowledge for the Enough time Coastline in the 2012. Apparent pictures off her kissing other girls also have emerged in the the years once the, verifying to a few one to Latifah really does bat for the same cluster. Brand new star has never mentioned toward amount, though

Consistently, there are rumors that Latifah was dating choreographer Eboni Nichols

Because of the assumption that King Latifah enjoys people, of several have wondered if the she’s a spouse. Once more, when you find yourself nothing has actually ever become verified, there is certainly anyone who’s relatively been a normal presence into the the fresh new star’s existence. Which is choreographer towards superstars, Eboni Nichols. They’re envisioned along with her numerous times, with some photos actually looking showing the two making out.

But not, none team has come forward to discuss any potential relationships. In the event the a couple of are along with her or were in the past, this may be was a significant step forward to the star that has long battled their union circumstances. That is especially the circumstances if an individual of one’s more recent rumors regarding the duo is true – they’d a baby together with her.

It is believed that Latifah and you may Nichols had a child guy along with her

Speak off Latifah and you can Nichols getting mom came up when you look at the 2019, with Eboni’s pregnancy relatively verified the following year. This showed up via the blogs, ‘lovebscott,’ hence found at the beginning of January the choreographer had offered beginning so you’re able to a baby son. Definitely, there’s no confirmation the kids possess anything to carry out which have Latifah.

Unless Nichols was utilized due to the fact a good surrogate, the latest star more than likely doesn’t have people physiological link with the child. So, in case your pair commonly along with her and it’s all-just hearsay, after that this man isn’t Latifah’s son like folks are claiming your to-be. The only method to be aware of the truth is in the event that either lady comes forward and you can offers the truth of the matchmaking. That is not gonna happens anytime soon.

Latifah features spoken prior to now in regards to the chances of with college students

Provided she’s a woman which have union issues, to get a mother or father isn’t necessarily things you’d expect Latifah accomplish. Whatsoever, if the she problems in a relationship, that to state that she would manage any better which have loving a good guy for the rest of the lady life? Yet not, the brand new celebrity has actually acknowledge prior to now to are looking for that have babies.

During the early 2000s, she told her mom one she’d offer their grandchildren one-day. By this area, Latifah was at her 30s along with allegedly beat nearly all the girl troubles because of cures and you will relatives help. Over a , she and additionally handled into the getting happy to getting a moms and dad. Latifah indicated that today she’d obtained hanging out from the woman system, she was much more accessible to paying off off.

This lady has no intention of discussing the girl direction into the personal

When you’re Latifah might have been happy to mention the woman desire in order to enjoys kids before, one thing this woman is would not mention is this lady orientation. Naturally, it’s been a sexy point out of conversation within the last decade, with folks wanting to learn and therefore way she swings. Yet not, the fresh star has no demand for filling in the newest blanks, convinced that this aspect out-of the lady life is not one person else’s organization.

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