When you look at the Aymara, Puma Punku function, “The door of the Cougar”

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November 22, 2022
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November 22, 2022
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When you look at the Aymara, Puma Punku function, “The door of the Cougar”

Unique, yet , perfect from inside the style of and good in style, they look are the job away from a folks that have been comprehensive gurus off an architecture which in fact had no infancy, passed compliment of zero chronilogical age of growth, as well as and this we discover not any other examples. Tradition, and that mumbles nearly intelligibly of your own origin of a lot other Western monuments, try foolish regarding the these types of. Brand new curious Indians advised the original Spaniards that “they existed through to the sunlight shone throughout the heavens,” that they was basically elevated of the monsters, otherwise that they was the stays from an enthusiastic impious someone whom a mad Deity had turned into stone while they got refuted hospitality to their viceregent and you can messenger. “

Brand new Andean people of 500 Advertising, with the simple reed boats, could certainly n’t have went him or her

Only to the bottom leftover on satellite photographs less than try your website of the Puma Punku (referred to as “Puma Pumku” otherwise “Puma Puncu”). It is part of a giant forehead cutting-edge or memorial group that is the main Tiwanaku archaeological webpages close Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Puma Punku will not look impressive: a mountain given that remains out-of a classic pyramid and you can a giant number of megalithic block regarding brick on to the ground, obviously broke of the a disastrous quake. not, closer review means that these types of brick blocks have been fabricated having a very complex technology. Significantly more shocking is the tech design of these reduces shown regarding drawing less than. Most of the stops match together with her such as for instance interlocking building blocks.

Which ‘forehead area’ has some finely reduce stones – certain weigh more than 100 tonnes. The latest processes and you will innovation mixed up in production of these types of temples are maybe not comprehended from the modern students.

The latest suggestions of Tiwanaku culture hold they had no writing system and get that development of one’s controls try most likely unfamiliar on them. The newest architectural success viewed in the Pumapunku try striking for the light of the latest thought number of technological possibilities available during the their design.

Puma Punku, it’s startles this new imagination. It looks become new remains out-of an excellent wharf (to have River Titicaca long ago lapped abreast of the newest shores off Tiahuanaco) and you can a large, four-area, today folded strengthening. Among framework blocks of which this new pier try designed weighs an estimated 440 plenty (comparable to almost 600 full-size autos) and lots of other stops installing regarding the try between one hundred and you will 150 loads. The new quarry of these large prevents is actually on coastline off Titicaca, specific 10 a long way away.

Because of the monumental dimensions of the new rocks, the procedure in which these were transported to help you Pumapunku might have been an interest of great interest since the temple’s development

There isn’t any recognized technology in all the latest old industry you to definitely could have directed rocks of such big pounds and dimensions. Even today, together with the progressive enhances for the technology and you will math, we could perhaps not manner instance a structure.

Posnansky ideal a response, established his knowledge of your substantial alignments away from Tiahuanaco, however, you to response is thought thus questionable, even hopeless, it could have been neglected and you may censured of the scientific community to have 50 years. Without a doubt there is no confidence this is the reason as the ancient builders remaining no authored facts. All the stories had been passed from years.

The architectural triumph viewed within Pumapunku try hitting when you look at the white out-of the fresh assumed number of scientific abilities available through the their structure. The biggest of those stone stops are 7.81 yards long, 5.17 m wide, averages step 1.07 yards dense, and is projected so you can weigh in the 131 metric loads. The following premier stone cut-off located for the Pumapunka cena chappy try eight.ninety meters much time, 2.fifty m greater, and you may averages 1.86 m heavy. The weight has been estimated to get metric plenty. These two stone blocks are included in the newest Plataforma Litica and you will consisting of red sandstone.

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